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The Women’s Center could not develop its services without the invaluable assistance of its volunteers. They answer telephones, provide peer counseling, schedule appointments, register clients for support groups and workshops and provide on-call advocacy services.  Each volunteer who provides regular Front Desk support at the Women’s Center has received training in interpersonal and communication skills, office management techniques, dealing with crisis calls, and how to research services not provided by the Women’s Center.

Volunteers may also serve on the Board of Directors and the North Guild and are especially needed to help plan & execute fundraising events. 

Women’s Center North Guild

As the fundraising arm of the Women’s Center we work to broaden the base of financial support for the Women’s Center in Brevard County, Florida, to meet its mission to empower women and their families by providing support, education, counseling, information, and services. The Guild acts as good-will ambassadors and advocates. We increase community awareness about homelessness, hunger, self-sufficiency, domestic violence, and sexual abuse.

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