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Displaced Homemaker Career Guidance Program

Displaced Homemaker Career Guidance Program

The Women’s Center Career Guidance program is a personalized program that explores career options and individual growth.  Those who participate are able to have a clearer understanding of who they are, what motivates them, the skills they want to use in their work, and the education or specialized training that may be required.

Services Include

  • Working one-on-one with a Career Guide
  • Creation of an Individual Employment Plan
  • Assistance with exploration of schools/ careers
  • Employability/Job Search Workshop
  • Career Interest Testing
  • Resume Writing Assistance
  • Interview Preparation
  • Job Posting/Job Referrals/Job Search Assistance
  • 200 Hour On-the-Job Training Program
  • Computer/office machine usage for Job Search
  • Career Clothing and Beauty Items/Services
  • Community Resource Referrals
  • Free Therapeutic Counseling Sessions
  • Microloans to Start Small Business

Under a grant from the DEO we assist homemakers 35 years of age or older, needing training and support to transition into their first job or back into the workforce. These individuals were once supported by a spouse or family member, but due to divorce, separation, death, or disability they are now unemployed or underemployed and need to become self- sufficient.