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Building Expansion Campaign

Building Expansion Campaign

Dear Friends:

Susie came into the Women’s Center with two black eyes and her five year old son, Brian. She had been battered for more than six years and had decided that this was the last time. She vowed that she was not going to allow her son to see such abuse any longer. We were able to place Susie and Brian into our safe house where she received the services and support she needed to keep her promise to her young son. Today Susie and Brian continue to live healthy and independent lives.

Our Center addresses two primary community problems: interpersonal violence and poverty & homelessness. The Center served more than 12,000 people last year through the following programs which are all essential in serving our community:

  • Victims Services                           ● Self-Sufficiency – Transitional Housing
  • Affordable Counseling                ●  Youth Programs

In addition to the above, we have recently added the Sexual Assault Victims Services program which has strained our office capacity to the limit. Therefore, we find it necessary to purchase a nearby building to house our Administration, Finance and Development staff.

We can’t do this without your support! The purchase price amounts to $385,000 and because of necessary repairs totaling an additional $100,000, we are turning to our community for assistance. We hope we can count on you to help us make this important expansion a reality. Any donation, large or small, is greatly appreciated.   By making this tax-deductible donation to our capital campaign, you’ll be directly contributing to the success of our programs.

The Women’s Center is depending on your support. Please complete the attached form indicating your willingness to be our partner as we grow our organization, and mail or deliver it to our Aurora Road location.

For more information, please contact Lori Sutherland, Development Director – or 321.242.3110 x 2303. 

Thank you for your consideration and support.



Fride Phelps                                                                                                                Bradley Reed

Campaign Co-Chair                                                                                                  Campaign Co-Chair

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