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BROAD FUNCTION: To lead the Women’s Center in a new era of nonprofit management.


Responsibility to the Board:  Serve as an ex-officio member of the Board and its standing committees, attending all meetings to lend staff assistance and direction as deemed necessary, keeping the Board of Directors fully informed of the Center’s operations so that it can adequately carry out its responsibility.

Strategic Planning: Work in conjunction with the Board in determining strategic annual goals and objectives and long range planning and work with the Board and staff to ensure the mission and strategic plan is fulfilled.

Program Planning and Administration: Develop and maintain excellence in standards of professional practice. Analyze the effectiveness of the Women’s Center programs and overall capacity in realizing predetermined service delivery goals and objectives. Make modification of programs to meet community needs.

Advancement: Develop all resources to support the agency’s mission including planning and implementation of all fund raising efforts and cultivating donors and maintain donor relations. Responsible for building a stronger development department within the agency. Create and implement strong philanthropy opportunities.

Operations Management:  Develop with the Board and administer sound personnel policies and procedures, provide for staff development that insures maximum benefit of talent and skill, and employ, evaluate, supervise and administer disciplinary actions, as needed, to staff,  in accordance with personnel policies and be accountable for employed personnel performance. Provide and maintain adequate and appropriate facilities and equipment in a safe work environment.

Fiscal Management:  Develop and submit to the Board a proposed annual budget and monthly financial statements which accurately reflect the agency’s financial condition and administer the Women’s Center within its budgetary provisions. Work in full cooperation and maintain positive relations with any Women’s Center funding source.

Recruitment and Community Relations: Present the Women’s Center and its services to the community through mass media and social networking. Help integrate and direct efforts toward obtaining sufficient volunteers to meet service delivery goals. Serve as an official spokesperson for the Women’s Center.




  1. Proven self-starter, goal driven, motivated, and high energy.
  2. Recognized passion for the mission and women’s issues.
  3. Experienced in attracting and inspiring others, including volunteers, board members and staff.
  4. Recognized as a Servant Leader, concerned with giving to others and the organization rather than getting from the organization.
  5. Strong understanding of interpersonal relationships and an ability to create an atmosphere in which people are free to communicate.
  6. Ability to handle conflict with grace.
  7. Ability to think strategically and act tactically.
  8. Proven financial acumen, and the ability to create and manage a large diversified budget and recognize both financial opportunities and threats.
  9. Extensive experience in fundraising, major gifts, philanthropy and donor relations.
  10. Extensive background in planning, program development, and task facilitation.
  11. Capacity to accept the obligation of authority, to make appropriate assignments and delegations of responsibility, and to expect accountability.



A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree, but a Master’s degree preferred, in an accredited program of social work, counseling, psychology, human services or business management.  Five or more years of managerial and leadership experience in a Human Service related position.

Salary commensurate with experience.

Send cover letter and resume, no later than Friday, October 19, 2018, to