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Ongoing Supply Drives


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Ongoing Supply Drives

Continual Needs List

  • Toiletries (ethnic hair products, deodorant, shampoo, conditioners, dental floss, soap, q-tips, hairspray, baby powder, toothpaste and toothbrushes, combs, brushes, razors, tampons, sanitary napkins, new underwear – all sizes)
  • Non-perishable foods, including:
    • All pastas and tomato sauce
    • Cereal, pancake mix and syrup, oatmeal, snacks
    • All canned meats (tuna, chicken, ham, etc.)
    • Macaroni and cheese
    • Rice and canned beans
    • All canned vegetables, and fruits
    • Oils: olive, vegetable and canola
    • Juices, coffee, powdered creamer
  • Toilet paper, facial tissues, paper towels, Clorox wipes, hand soap
  • Dishwasher detergent, laundry detergent, kitchen and bathroom cleaners (i.e. toilet bowl cleaner, bathtub/shower cleaner), swiffer wipes (wet and dry)
  • Freezer bags, sandwich bags, trash bags, aluminum foil, saran wrap
  • Over the counter medication (i.e. Tylenol, cold medicine, cough syrup, pepto bismol)
  • Gift cards – Wal-Mart especially because they can be used for gas, food, clothing and/ or personal items, any gas station, Target, Payless
  • Bath towels (green, blue, purple, neutral), twin sheet sets, twin blankets (green, blue, purple, neutral), stain/waterproof pillowcases
  • Diapers: all sizes but especially sizes 4-5 as they go quickly
  • Baby items (i.e. wipes, bottles, baby shampoo)
  • School supplies (i.e. pencils, colored pencils, notebooks, notebook paper, folders)
  • Day planners
  • Desktop Computer (not running Windows XP)
  • DVD player

*bold denotes immediate needs