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A special endowment campaign for your Women’s Center…

The campaign to sustain your Women’s Center in underway…..thanks to the abundance time and support of some key community leaders. The endowment campaign has begun in support and to allow for continuity to sustain your Women’s Center as an organization and the services for those women, children and families that are our friends, family and colleagues here in our home community of Brevard. Since 2008 grant funding has decreased by $600,000 and the projections for the future continue to be uncertain. We are proud that since 1975 over 300,000 women, children and families have been touched and received needed services. In 2011 alone your Women’s Center served over 13,000 individuals which was a 23% increase and the need continues to grow. You can tell with this data and knowing what is happening in our community how vital it is to have your Women’s Center able to continue to provide the varied services so critical that include transition housing, domestic violence support, counseling, food, personal items, career training and many other needs. When funded this endowment will give your Women’s Center a solid foundation that will allow women, children and their families to learn and stand on their own feet. We need your help now and for the future to advance our tradition of caring for those in need….and as we continue to Changing lives for the better, forever.

With heartfelt thanks to our campaign cabinet for the treasure of their time, talent and support…Allen and Sandra Henry-Honorary Chairs, Alan and Laura Doshier-Campaign Chairs, Pat Bonn, Dani Clevens, Marion Collins, Dale Coxwell, Carol Craig, Elaina Garvin, Paula Savage, Wayne Ivey, Christine Lance, Joseph Martin, Bryan Roub, Rachel Terry, Bob Walters and Leasha Flammio Watson.

Please consider your financial commitment in support of your Women’s Center endowment. Your philanthropic support is key to the continuity and continued success of this vital organization that provides the critical and needed services to those in our community. Thank you!

For information, please contact Development Director Lori Sutherland at or 321.242.3110 x 2303.