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Counseling Department

Counseling Department

The Women’s Center offers individual, group, and family counseling services in our Melbourne and Titusville locations. Free services are available to individuals who have experienced trauma, sexual assault, and domestic violence issues. We also provide general mental health services for issues related to depression, anxiety, grief, and adjustment, or other mental health problems. Our behavioral health specialists understand the challenges people face when dealing with mental health conditions. For general mental health services we accept insurances or payment based on a sliding fee scale.

Our mission at the counseling center is to provide client centered mental health services using empirically validated treatments to overcome emotional difficulties and improve quality of life.

What to expect: The Women’s Center is proud to be a training facility and offer practicum and internship to students and interns from local universities. During the course of your treatment at our counseling center you may be assigned to work with a licensed therapist, registered interns, or a therapist-in-training. Our trainees are enrolled in a Masters or Doctoral academic programs in mental health counseling or psychology (respectively).
Contact information for our counseling services:

1425 Aurora Road
Melbourne, FL 32935
(321) 242-3110

400 Julia Street
Titusville, FL 32796
(321) 607-6811

For more information on our training program, contact Dr. Haya Soya